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+ Velozes + Furiosos

Ele se tornou conhecido em 2001 após interpretar Brian O'Conner no hit Velozes e Furiosos e na sequência + Velozes + Furiosos. Seus outros filmes incluem os sucessos Perseguição - A Estrada da Morte, No Rastro da Bala e Resgate Abaixo de Zero.

Twitter oficial: @RealPaulWalker

    Happy Memorial Day! Have a blast and don't forget the meaning of the day...honoring the men and women who protect our freedoms. - #TeamPW
    2013-05-27 12:00:30

    @chelsea_bergamo @melodeezy @KrisnaAngelica @RahmanShakira @NoleGirl98 Congrats on winning! Please DM your name & mailing address. - #TeamPW
    2013-05-27 01:35:13

    The #ROWW challenge signed poster winners are #Fast6 fans @chelsea_bergamo @melodeezy @KrisnaAngelica @RahmanShakira & @NoleGirl98! -#TeamPW
    2013-05-27 01:26:49

    Thanks to all the #Fast6 fans who followed @ReachOutWW & joined the #ROWW challenge to help tornado victims in OK!
    2013-05-27 01:24:01

    RT @fastfurious: Welcome to the crew. Thanks for all the #Fast6 love this weekend!
    2013-05-26 17:56:13

    In case you missed it, check out PW's #Fast6 appearance on @LateNightJimmy... PART 1: PART 2:
    2013-05-26 16:15:05

    Announcing signed poster winners tomorrow. Keep the #Fast6 tkt pics coming! - #TeamPW #ROWW
    2013-05-26 00:36:14

    #Fast6 is breaking records & taking names at the box office this weekend! THANK YOU to all the @FastFurious fans around the world! - #TeamPW
    2013-05-25 18:00:23

    RT @ReachOutWW: #Fast6 fans,it's opening weekend! Help #Oklahoma, follow our challenge & @RealPaulWalker will donate!
    2013-05-25 12:03:40

    Backstage at @JimmyFallon signing posters for #Fast6 fans who follow @ReachOutWW. Help OK and try to win one: #ROWW
    2013-05-24 21:37:34

    RT @STIHLUSA: We're proud to support the good work @ReachOutWW is doing to help those affected by the tornadoes in OK.…
    2013-05-24 16:40:43

    RT @jimmyfallon: Tonight! @RealPaulWalker, @JossWhedon, music from @tmbg and the premiere of #GameOfDesks!! #LateNight #LNJF
    2013-05-24 15:05:09

    Everyone can join the #ROWW challenge this weekend! RT @unihrini: @RealPaulWalker @ReachOutWW Can we (who live) in Indonesia join this?
    2013-05-24 13:31:06

    I'm also signing #Fast6 posters for you. Join our #ROWW challenge to help the people in OK for a chance to win one:
    2013-05-24 13:07:57

    OK needs our help! I'm making a donation for EVERY fan who tweets a pic of your #Fast6 ticket & follows @ReachOutWW…
    2013-05-24 13:03:53

    RT @RottenTomatoes: Fast & Furious 6 is now #CertifiedFresh at 76% with 83 reviews: #fast6
    2013-05-24 10:32:37

    RT @s2AnaFerreira: Today is day of @FastFurious baby ;) @RealPaulWalker @JordanaBrewster @MRodOfficial @GalGadot @TheRock @Tyrese #Fast6 ht…
    2013-05-24 09:50:17

    RT @sanaashine: @RealPaulWalker #FAST6 was mind blowing!! so ready for #FAST7 love this crew!! @JordanaBrewster @TheRock @Tyrese @Ludacris …
    2013-05-24 02:05:55

    RT @yae_yo: #Fast6 was sooo EPIC!! Phenomenal!! I'll go see it again. @Tyrese @RealPaulWalker @Ludacris @JordanaBrewster @TheRock ! So read…
    2013-05-24 01:51:44

    #Fast6 is trending worldwide right now! RETWEET if you're watching tonight! - #TeamPW
    2013-05-24 01:51:22

    RT @roosblom: Going to see Fast 6 tomorrow!! Can't wait anymore!! @RealPaulWalker
    2013-05-23 14:46:34

    Thank you to the @ReachOutWW teams for their blood, sweat, and tears in helping the victims in #MooreOK & #ShawneeOK!
    2013-05-23 12:29:09

    See how it all began in this new music video set to @2chainz & @wizkhalifa's #WeOwnIt off the #Fast6 soundtrack!
    2013-05-23 00:43:42

    RT @lovecutesoso: @RealPaulWalker The best movie of 2013 : #Fast6. ❤
    2013-05-22 20:01:12

    RT @Stissis: Just saw #fast6 and loved it! Thank you @Tyrese @RealPaulWalker And the rest of you guys! Really looking forward to number 7 a…
    2013-05-22 19:59:38

    RT @naomi_kane: OMG #FAST6 IS FREAKING AMAZING!!!! @Ludacris @RealPaulWalker
    2013-05-22 19:59:13

    RT @ReachOutWW: Our team is on the ground in #Moore OK, you can #donate to the #disasterrelief efforts here: http://…
    2013-05-21 18:26:19

    ROWW will have boots on the ground soon. Good luck to the team. RT @reachoutww: We have a team deployed to #MooreOK. Stay tuned for updates.
    2013-05-21 01:23:10

    RT @meganalexander1: #Fast6 - Believe all the hype. Yup - its THAT good. @FastFurious @RealPaulWalker @MRodOfficial @JordanaBrewster
    2013-05-20 23:46:07

    RT @asianluv81: Fast 6 in 4 days, can not wait!!! Can I get a hallelujah!!! @melindajj06 @RealPaulWalker @Tyrese
    2013-05-20 23:45:41